All Warm & Cozy

We love fall here at the bakery.  As things slow down around town, we take the time to enjoy the beautiful fall colors, chat a bit more with our loyal patrons, and work on new product ideas utilizing the bounty fall brings.  Pumpkin has made a comeback in a big way in bread, muffins, scones, and tarts.  Locally grown apples and pears are now regularly featured in our pastries as well.  Yum!

homemade corn chowder and a chocolate chip cookie make a perfect fall lunch

homemade corn chowder and a chocolate chip cookie make a perfect fall lunch

And, of course, fall also means that soup season is back!  Each day we made a delicious soup from scratch and serve it with our freshly baked bread.  Or, pair your soup with a sandwich or savory roll for an extra hearty meal.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Open 7 days a week through Summer!


cherry almond tarts – another customer favorite!

It’s been a busy Spring at the bakery and for that we thank our valued customers!  The bakery is now open 7 days a week though our busy season.  We will also increase our hours open each day once school is out, but for now you can rest assured we will be there at 7 am each day!

Freshness for Lunch!


greek quinoa salad

Here’s to Spring! Our whole grain salads are back for the season along with some delicious new lunch items, such as our fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwich on house-made ciabatta. Lunch specials such as these are super easy to grab and go for a picnic in the sun!


pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomato, red onion, and romaine on fresh ciabatta

Break Time Again!

Hey there bakery fans, we are taking a short seasonal closure until Wednesday, March 9th.  During this break of just over 2 weeks we will deep clean the bakery, try a few new recipes, seek out inspiration, and get a little R & R while we can.

On our recent trip to Los Angeles, we had a blast at the 2nd Annual LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show.  We tried tons of delicious samples, participated in baking demos, and saw lots of interesting products and ideas.  We will apply what we learned at the show and other eateries in Los Angeles to continue to bring our customers the best!FullSizeRender

What a Summer!

Wow, wow, wow.  The bakery had a very busy summer season this year and it was wonderful to re-connect with many returning seasonal customers!  We truly appreciate the support from fellow lovers of Lake Chelan, and thank all the visitors who continue to come enjoy our town following this summer’s wildfires.

The bakery was planning our 2-year anniversary celebration for Saturday, August 15th.  In the dark early morning of the 14th as we were baking for the day, we thought we heard thunder.  Within a few minutes a very intense lightning storm swept through the town, bringing lots of thunder and lightning but only a sprinkle of rain.  In the dark it was easy to spot the four fires ignited by lightning on the Chelan Butte.  After a call to 911 to report the fires, we stayed open all day cautiously watching them spread.  When an erratic windstorm came through in the afternoon the fire changed and grew exponentially, threatening homes and neighborhoods.  The remainder of the day was a series of frightening events – homes lost, people evacuated, power outtages, etc.  Needless to say, our anniversary party was cancelled.  We had to close shop for a few days until power was restored and re-opened on Tuesday the 18th.

Following the fires, town was very quiet as events and vacations were cancelled due to fire activity or heavy smoke.  However, Chelan was bustling again by Labor Day weekend, which was a welcome boost to our town’s economy.  Fall is going to be an excellent time to visit Lake Chelan, so we look forward to seeing you soon!cinnrolls



We all need a little inspiration now and then, and it always seems fitting to welcome new ideas in the spring.  A recent trip to a few bakeries in Seattle gave us lots to be inspired by!  The weekend was filled with beautiful weather, plentiful pastries, art, family and friends, but never enough time (or belly space) to accommodate all the eating to be done.  Life’s rough.seattle2015.2 seattle2015


Cleaning / Break Time!

Hi, all!  We made it through another winter, and this one was much busier than last!  Thanks a ton to the local community and visitors for keeping us busy!  We are currently on our annual deep cleaning / spring break.  The bakery is closed for just over a month and re-opens on March 25th.  We get to work on some new products to introduce this spring, get the kitchen and dining area super clean, and get ourselves in gear for another busy summer.  We are continuing to provide some products for our wholesale customers, so if you have a special event and need some treats just leave us a message.  We’ll certainly help you out if we can!  Thanks again and we’ll see you on March 25th!valentine

Now Taking Holiday Orders

Brrrr! On these chilly days it sure is nice to stay warm and cozy at the bakery. We’ve been in the holiday mood lately, stocking the cases with seasonal goodies such as pumpkin pie, fresh pear muffins, pumpkin cheesecake bars, and peppermint brownies.

pumpkin pie

fresh baked rolls and pumpkin pie!

Please give us a call at 682-BAKE if we can help you with your holiday baking! We have apple, pumpkin, or blueberry pie available to order along with French or Buttermilk Wheat rolls for the holiday table. Other desserts available include our Salted Caramel Pecan Tart or our Gluten-Free Chocolate Torte.

peppermint brownies

peppermint brownies