All Pastries Made entirely from Scratch!

All Pastries Made entirely from Scratch!

Our bakery is proud to make everything we serve from scratch!  Crafting beautiful pastries from our hand-made doughs makes us smile!  We carefully fold in high-quality European butter to our croissant and Danish doughs for a flaky, delicious result.  Accompanied by a rich cup of Blue Star espresso, it’s the perfect way to start a day.


Blueberry Danish



2 thoughts on “All Pastries Made entirely from Scratch!

  1. Peered longingly through your store window today after a gorgeous day at the Lake. Discovered you via your flyers at The Bear. Realized you were closed but had to scout you out as I am a real bakery fan.

    First real pastries eaten at Skodsborg N. of Copehagen when I was 15 and spending the summer from England. Merchants in Walla Walla WA had a great French Bakery until closing and changing hands with name change to The Olive a few years ago. The Olive has their own great baked good too though.

    Moved to Wenatchee almost 2 years ago to live close to daughter and have patronized the D’Anjou Bakery quite frequently. I like both French and Danish style doughs but prefer a more chewy style as eaten in Denmark. Your pics look very good so we will return. Congrats on your new business. I am sure you are already selling out faster than you can bake!

    Oh we like the Bakery at Gearhart Oregon too.! Much success to you! Robin

  2. Just a follow up on the phone order I made today, Friday the 17th January. I ordered two bearclaws and two blueberry Danish and an apple and custard Danish, make that two apple danishes! Will be up Sunday for my b’day celeb a day early. We are vegetarians so may imbibe some soup and crusty rolls too! Looking forward to our first visit!


    Robin and LaRenne


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