Bread Schedule

Bread Schedule


rustic italian
Rustic Italian bread


Plain, asiago cheese, sea salt, and jalepeno-cheddar bagels available each day.

Occasionally we feature additional varieties such as cinnamon currant, sesame seed, or everything bagels

Our yummy breakfast bagel sandwiches are a popular choice for a satisfying morning meal.  Try the Egg & Cheese or add your choice of sausage, bacon, or ham.  Made fresh each morning on a variety of our homemade bagels.



Monday – French, buttermilk wheat, Asiago sourdough, sourdough baguettes

Tuesdsay – French, Rustic Italian, roasted garlic sourdough, baguettes

ww sourdough
whole wheat sourdough

Wednesday – French, buttermilk wheat, garlic herb sourdough, sourdough baguettes

Thursday – French, Rustic Italian, whole wheat sourdough, baguettes

Friday – French, Rustic Italian, multigrain, baguettes

Saturday – French, Rustic Italian, kalamata rosemary sourdough, baguettes

Sunday – French

look for our breads year-round at Bear Foods in Chelan and Glover Street Market in Twisp



7 thoughts on “Bread Schedule

    1. Hi Steve! We are on a short break this week and next to get the bakery deep cleaned and ready for spring. Sorry to miss you! We re-open on Wednesday March 9th so hopefully we will see you then!

  1. Lindsay- Can I get a rustic Italian for tomorrow (Friday) pick up? don’t slice.
    BTW- that whole grain loaf I took to elk camp was good for a WEEK!!!
    We had I’m sure the best bread in the Naneum basin! I had just a tiny bit left and the squirrels went nuts! (pun intended ha ha )

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