buttermilk wheat bread

Menu items and prices are subject to change.

Breads, pastries, desserts and snacks are offered on a rotating basis.  Not all items are offered every day. Click the tab at the top to see our current Bread Schedule.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding special orders for any of our products.  At least 48 hours advance notice required to accommodate your order.


baguette     $3.50
buttermilk wheat sandwich bread     $6.00
french bread    $5.00
rustic Italian $6.00
multigrain $6.50
sourdoughs (varieties include whole wheat, kalamata rosemary, garlic-herb) $6.50
bagels (plain ea.)    $1.25
bagels (sea salt, asiago, jalepeno cheddar, sesame, ea.)    $1.50
dinner rolls (available by pre-order only) $8.00 / doz

peach scones
fresh peach scones
coffee cake
berry coffee cake

muffins    $3.00
scones  $3.50
mixed berry coffee cake    $3.50
fruit and cream cheese danish    $3.75 mushroom and spinach danish  $3.75
croissants (plain)    $3.50
croissants (chocolate)    $3.50
croissants (almond)    $3.75
croissants (ham & cheese)    $3.95
cinnamon rolls    $3.75
sticky buns    $3.25
turnovers (apple, cherry, or lemon) $3.50
almond bear claws $3.50


granola bars (dairy and gluten free)    $2.95
raspberry oat bars    $2.75
lemon bars $2.75

our fresh baked flaky croissants

peanut butter swirl bars $2.00
chocolate espresso bars $2.00
quick bread (pumpkin, banana, zucchini, etc)    $3.25
brownies    $2.95
chocolate chip cookies    $2.00
snickerdoodles   $2.00
cranberry oatmeal cookies $2.00
molasses ginger cookies    $2.00
chocolate coconut macaroons (dairy and gluten-free)  $2.25
millionaires shortbread (gluten-free) $2.95
cheesecake bars (varieties change)  $2.95
pesto rolls    $3.25


whole grain petite farro salad with kale, cranberries, apples, and sliced almonds
whole grain petite farro salad with kale, cranberries, apples, and sliced almonds

breakfast bagel sandwich (with egg, cheese, and choice of sausage, ham or bacon)    $4.60

breakfast bagel sandwich (egg and cheese)    $4.25

turkey avocado sandwich   $7.00
pesto ham sandwich    $7.00

roast beef sandwich $7.00
mozzarella pesto sandwich    $6.00

grilled ham and cheese $4.50

quiche (seasonal varieties)   $4.25 / slice, $24 whole

soup with fresh bread (changes daily, offered October thru April)    $6.50

whole grain salad (changes daily, offered May through September) $6.50


Please call ahead to place your order.  Listed below is a variety of the desserts we offer.

salted caramel pecan tart (slice) $3.25, (whole) $32.00
fruit pie (slice) $3.95, (whole) $22.00

chocolate torte
gluten-free chocolate torte topped with fresh raspberries

pumpkin pie (slice) $3.50, (whole) $17.00
carrot cake (slice) $3.50, (whole) $40
cinnamon roll bread pudding $3.50
almond toffee tart (slice) $3.25, (whole) $32.00
gluten-free chocolate torte (slice)  $3.25, (whole) $25.00
cherry almond tart, lemon tart, or caramel apple tart (small) $4.25, (whole) $25.00


15 thoughts on “Menu

    1. We cut it into 8 slices at the bakery. It is a very rich dessert, so if you cut it yourself I’d say it serves 8-10.

  1. Hi – I loved you bakery while I was visiting Chelan this past summer and was wondering if you all deliver. If so, it would be to Kansas.

    Thank You for your response

    1. Thank you Gina! I’m glad you called the bakery to arrange for your order of granola bars to be shipped to you. I’m glad we could help!

  2. I would like to order 2 loafs of french and 1 garlic sourdough for pickup nov. 25. Please confirm . Thank you Bob.


    1. Hi Bob! We have received your order for Wednesday, November 25th. Special orders will be available to pick up that day between noon and 3 pm. Thank you for your order!

    1. Hi Andrea, we will be open until noon on Christmas Eve. This year we will also be open our regular days off (Monday December 21 and Tuesday December 22) during the week of Christmas. Let us know if you’d like to order anything for the holidays! Thanks!

  3. Interested in knowing ingredients, calories and more on your whole wheat sourdough bread. There was none listed on a loaf I bought at Bear foods.

    1. The ingredients for our whole wheat sourdough bread are: sourdough starter, filtered water, Bluebird Grain Farms hard red wheat flour, Shepherd’s Grain low-gluten flour, salt, and yeast.

    1. Hi Kristen, our sourdough breads are vegan with the exception of the Asiago Sourdough, our Multigrain, and Rustic Italian are as well. Our bagels all receive an egg wash before baking so they are not vegan. We do no offer any vegan pastries, however our granola bars are vegan as are a few of our whole grain salads that we offer in the spring and summer. Hope this helps!

  4. Hi there,
    Do you deliver to another location in Chelan? I’ve got a birthday Memorial Day weekend and would love a cake delivered to Lake Chelan Winery. Thanks!

    1. Hi there, can you please send me an email at We can further discuss your needs there. I typically do not deliver but maybe we can work something out. We offer a carrot cake or other specialty dessert items which you can peruse here on our website here under the Menu tab. Thank you!

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