What a Summer!

What a Summer!

Wow, wow, wow.  The bakery had a very busy summer season this year and it was wonderful to re-connect with many returning seasonal customers!  We truly appreciate the support from fellow lovers of Lake Chelan, and thank all the visitors who continue to come enjoy our town following this summer’s wildfires.

The bakery was planning our 2-year anniversary celebration for Saturday, August 15th.  In the dark early morning of the 14th as we were baking for the day, we thought we heard thunder.  Within a few minutes a very intense lightning storm swept through the town, bringing lots of thunder and lightning but only a sprinkle of rain.  In the dark it was easy to spot the four fires ignited by lightning on the Chelan Butte.  After a call to 911 to report the fires, we stayed open all day cautiously watching them spread.  When an erratic windstorm came through in the afternoon the fire changed and grew exponentially, threatening homes and neighborhoods.  The remainder of the day was a series of frightening events – homes lost, people evacuated, power outtages, etc.  Needless to say, our anniversary party was cancelled.  We had to close shop for a few days until power was restored and re-opened on Tuesday the 18th.

Following the fires, town was very quiet as events and vacations were cancelled due to fire activity or heavy smoke.  However, Chelan was bustling again by Labor Day weekend, which was a welcome boost to our town’s economy.  Fall is going to be an excellent time to visit Lake Chelan, so we look forward to seeing you soon!cinnrolls


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